Securitas Epay also known as talx paperless pay portal is an epaystub portal which is managed by Securitas Security Services USA Inc. serves as a medium to access payslips online for the employees of various companies. It is the companies responsibility to upload the payslips to the database of Securitas Epay, which can then be accessed by its employees online.

 Login and Registration at AKA

  • Keep your SSN(Social Security Number) ready with you.
  • if you are logging for the time, then you need to enter your date of birth in the format MMDDYY which serves as one-time login PIN.
  • Now once you are logged in to Securitas Epay portal or talx paperless pay portal, you will be prompted to change your login PIN.
  • The new PIN must be between 6 to 8 characters containing only digits.
  • For quick log in to Securitas Epay portal, please click on the link
By logging in to Securitas Epay you can check the details related to your employment like:
  • Personal information
  • Verify income
  • Review of Pay Stub
If you are not able to log in you can call 866-604-3729 to obtain clarifications.

Securitas specialize in customized security services, thereby creating an alternative strategy to
improve on the security requirements. It goes without saying that if you want to gain
employment here, you need to exhibit dedication and courage.

There are more than 11,000 securities and fire security personnel who operate corporate level
national agreements with the largest aerospace, defense, and energy sectors with a direct contract
with the federal government.

Securitas E-pay services:

If you are an employee working for Securitas you might be involved in one of the following
  • Onsite Guarding
  • Remote Guarding
  • Mobile Guarding
  • Electronic Security
Risk Assessment by Securitas:
Securitas assesses the risk associated with the property, people, and technology to be guarded by
using their Security Risk Assessment Strategy. They then come up with a customized security
plan to suit the unique needs of clients. Securitas being a client focused organization considers
all factors like access control, loss prevention strategies, reception duties, concierge duties, life
safety, emergency response, special event security planning, security guard patrol and a range of
customized site-specific security services.
Accordingly, Securitas provides its clients with security guards who perform the guarding
functions. This can be about requiring just one guard or a team of security officers who need to
be guarding the network of warehouses.

Quality of Securitas Officers:
  • Securitas Security officers act professionally at all times
  • They have a professional demeanor
  • They make use of innovative technology to execute the tasks of the comprehensive security coverage
Securitas Vision:
Securitas Vision is the Guard Management and Reporting app used by Securitas to ensure
immediate reporting with regards to the security of the businesses guarded. This app has online
and offline capabilities providing for
  • Enhanced officer performance in all aspects of onsite service delivery
  • Best protected services to customers
  • Intuitive mobile device based software offers wide ranges of client benefits
  • Real-time text and e-mail alerts
  • Incident reporting
  • Photographic and video-enhanced activity
  • Incident management
  • Tool Verification
  • Tasks Scheduling
  • Alert notification
  • Asset management
The Securitas application moves beyond the traditional guarding tools. This app is configured
with an officer acknowledgment feature, thereby ensuring that the officers are aware of most of
the recent procedural updates. The Robust analytics in the app provides with a wealth of
information to assist the clients, managers, and the security officers to achieve enhanced security
efficiencies and to take predictive preventive measures in security aspects.
There is a site safety officer panic button, which broadcasts the officer’s last known GPS
location in an emergency message. Consistent updates are being made to this software to ensure
that Securitas is able to achieve its goal of taking each of its security programs to the next best

Fire Service Plan
Fire suppression is the most needed security service and Securitas provides for the best incident
response by structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, aircraft crash rescue, and confined
space rescue. Fire prevention strategies include fire and emergency report assessment, State and
DoD Fire Inspectors, Fire Prevention Plan Development, and Emergency Response Plan
Development. The Securitas fire and safety team consists of FF-1 or FF-11 fire academy
graduates with an endorsed divers license with NFPA 1002 or 1021 qualifications depending on the
position of the fighters.

Emergency Response Services
A wide array of emergency response services like paramedics, emergency medical technicians,
automated external defibrillation, emergency medical responders, rescue operations, Arson
investigation, hazardous material service capabilities, education and training services, injury
prevention modules, basic and advanced first aid are just a few to name from the exhaustive
strategies proposed by Securitas.

Specialty Security Needs
Securitas has got the expertise to provide for the unique security needs of clients on a regional,
national or global basis. They provide security services for specialty divisions like the health care
security division, securities for the oil and petrochemical division, temporary security needs with
Securitas response services, and several other unique needs.

Securitas as able to achieve such unique services because they provide such services after unique
agreement with the US government and with the approval of Defense Security Service (DSS)
Department of Energy (DOE) and several other government agencies in order to sustain and
retain security clearances and to operate contracts that require security clearances.